NYSOA Joins Think About Your Eyes Campaign

We are excited to announce that the NYSOA Board of Trustees has approved the Association's participation in Think About Your Eyes, a multi-million dollar national campaign aimed at educating the American public and building awareness of optometry and the importance of vision care.

This translates to a NEW benefit for NYSOA members: a basic practice listing on the TAYE website's doctor locator, a $250 annual value. In 2017 we are providing this benefit free of charge to current NYSOA members.

To ensure you take full advantage of this benefit, log in to your account on www.nysoa.org by April 15th to ensure your Practice Information is up-to-date. NYSOA member listings will appear on the TAYE doctor locator by early May.

If you currently have a basic or premium listing, TAYE representatives will be contacting you regarding the option to use credits for either upgrading and/or extending your existing listing.

Please note: there is no additional charge to add multiple practices to your listing so make sure to email nysoa2020@gmail.com with the information for your secondary practice location(s) if you have more than one.

About TAYE

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Think About Your Eyes advertising has been running on prime time cable TV and radio stations all across New York, plus on Pandora, Spotify, and over 2,000 websites targeting health care decision makers – adults aged 25 to 54. Just like the dental industry did 40 years ago, TAYE is training the American public – only this campaign is all about the need for better eye health and vision care. The call to action in all the ads: MAKE AN APPOINTMENT for your annual eye exam!

And TAYE is working! The number of exams across the US is growing at over twice the rate it was before advertising started in July of 2013. Since the national launch, over 1.5 million patients have been diagnosed with cataracts, glaucoma, AMD, or diabetic retinopathy – sooner than they otherwise would have. Over 150 million Americans have heard or seen the health-based reasons they need a comprehensive eye exam – as opposed to a screening, or a "refraction" on their smartphone. These results have been achieved with funding from 20 companies, the AOA, The Vision Council, and 37 state optometric associations that provide a listing on the TAYE website locator as a member benefit.

Why support TAYE?

  • TAYE is the campaign optometry has wanted for years. Every ad ends with the tagline “Brought to you by the American Optometric Association.”
  • TAYE is working – and bringing patients into offices – both new patients, and “current” patients – the ones who haven’t been in for years.
  • TAYE is training patients for the future, to never miss their annual exam, the way people never miss their dental checkup.
  • TAYE is highly effective advertising, delivered via national mass media, into your local area. TAYE goes onto every desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone in America and into every home with either cable, Dish, or DirecTV (almost 95% of households).
  • NYSOA joining the campaign will help TAYE convince more companies to contribute and support the campaign – which enables us to buy even more advertising.

The Campaign to Help America See Better:
2016 Advertising Venues

TAYE had a great year in 2016, with over 1.35 Billion impressions through the year, and the 2017 advertising budget is expected to grow by over 60%. Since the national launch almost 3,000,000 people have visited the TAYE website for more information or to search for a doctor.

2016 Advertising venues included:

Television (see the TAYE commercials at www.thinkaboutyoureyes.com/videos)
  • 7,100 TV spots across 21 targeted cable networks with a majority of spots during Prime Time
Broadcast Radio
  • 670,00 drive-time spots across 10,000 stations, in every radio market in the US
  • 357 stations broadcast into New York alone!
Online Audio
  • 36+ million Online Audio Spots on desktops, mobile, tablet, and in-car
  • 46+ million incremental banner ads across both channels
Digital Banner Ads
  • 110+ Million Digital Banner Ad Views
Public Relations

Drive consumer media attention around the importance of annual eye exams. Publication targets include healthcare, parenting, and general interest.

Social Media

Maintain a steady drumbeat of messaging throughout the year and increase social reach using core social media vehicles like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other sites.

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