Resources for Patients

American Macular Degeneration Foundation
Working for the prevention, treatment and cure of macular degeneration.

Contact Lens Council
A non-profit organization serving as an educationa resource on vision correction for consumers.

Eye Cancer Network
An educational site dedicated to helping eye tumor patients find information about their condition and treatment

Foundation Fighting Blindness

Merck Source
Information on medical conditions for patients.

New York Diabetes Coalition
The New York Diabetes Coalition offers practitioners their "Tools for Better Diabetes Care" resources on their website.  Enter, click on the Toolbox icon, and reach an informative page that contains guidelines for care, downloadable brochures, and downloadable forms for practice---including an Eye Examination Report for Diabetes.

National Eye Institute (NEI)
NEI supports more than 75% of the vision research conducted in the US at approximately 250 medical centers, hospitals, universities and other institutions. NEI's $275 million budget supports about 1500 research projects. Includes: NEI funding information, clinical studies, intramural research, publications, hot topics.

Ophthalmology - MedMark
Provides information to both the consumer and medical professional on prescription medications.

Vision Science - WWW Virtual Library
Lists research groups, organizations, research institutions, university departments, conferences and symposia, newsgroups and mail archives, journal information, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), software bibliographies, commercial products.