How to List a Practice for Sale on CovalentCareers/NYSOA

In addition to job postings, the CovalentCareers/NYSOA job board can also advertise practices for sale (example).

CovalentCareers reaches 96,000 eyecare professionals each month, making it a powerful tool for attracting the right buyer. To list your practice, simply contact the CovalentCareers team and tell them you are interested in posting to the job board. The team can get you set up and help you craft your listing to best attract the attention of potential buyers. When listing practices for sale, most practice owners supply:

  • Salary range and schedule for practice owner
  • Benefits of purchasing your practice
  • Information about your practice (e.g. staff, equipment, patient focus)
  • Primary owner duties
  • Sale terms (e.g. full buyout, work-to-buy)
  • Requirements for new owner (e.g. licensure, experience)