AOA Leadership Institute

"The AOA Leadership Institute program was developed by the AOA Leadership Development Committee to inspire the next generation of leaders within the AOA and its affiliates. The AOA Leadership Institute is a 12-month program with virtual components throughout the year as well as in-person lectures, focus groups and a reception at Optometry’s Meeting ®.

The aim is to energize and equip the next generation of champions for optometry, who will then be ready to step in and lead at all levels—local, state and beyond. The goal is to have a diverse leadership class each year that accurately represents the demographics of our rising generation of doctors of optometry. The Leadership Institute program will provide valuable lessons that can be applied to participants’ personal and professional development."

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This course is free for NYSOA/AOA Members

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AOA Leadership Institute 1.0 Graduates


Shelby Leach, O.D.
Hunter Morgan, O.D.
Alyssa Putman, O.D.
Thuy Tran, O.D. 


Benjamin Arthur, O.D. 
Matthew Bovenzi, O.D.
Amy Steinway, O.D.
Lauren Strawn, O.D.
Kimberly Wadas, O.D.


Marianna Butera, O.D.
Damaris Raymondi, O.D.
Ben Smith, O.D.
Deborah Wang, O.D.

 AOA Leadership Institute 2.0 Graduates


Marina Su, O.D.
Saysha Blazier, O.D.