Progress in the past...a vision for the future...

The New York State Optometric Association was founded in 1895. It is dedicated to enhancing the vision care and health of the public and promoting the art and science of optometry.

For twelve decades, NYSOA has continued to benefit individual doctors of optometry, the profession, and the quality of life of New Yorkers. NYSOA plays a significant role in how optometry is perceived by other professions, government agencies and the public at large.

...a diverse community of professionals...

NYSOA is a not-for-profit individual membership organization that works with local affiliated optometric societies throughout New York State and is affiliated with the American Optometric Association. Members practice in a variety of settings including their own private offices, in association with other optometrists and ophthalmologists, and in hospital clinics and health maintenance organizations. Membership is also open in special categories to full-time faculty members and optometry students.

NYSOA is governed by its membership through elected officers and a board of trustees comprised of elected regional representatives.

...representation in government and media...

NYSOA is headquartered in Albany and keeps a close eye on key decision-making and government regulatory operations affecting optometrists in New York State. Its staff works closely with legislators and officials in the State Education Department, Health Department, Department of Social Services, Insurance Department, Department of Motor Vehicles and numerous other agencies and departments.

NYSOA retains an outstanding legal counsel team with special expertise in areas affecting the practice of optometry.

NYSOA members also benefit from the association's community relations and public service efforts.

...dedication to public service...

Through extensive public relations and media programs, NYSOA promotes awareness of the profession and its contributions to health care.

Special projects, such as School Vision Health Month, are publicized through the media, health organizations and other professional associations.

NYSOA serves as a resource to the community, the media and consumers. The association acts as a spokesperson in relations with New York media outlets, and as a clearinghouse for media information concerning optometry and vision care.

NYSOA provides consumer counseling on a wide range of vision-related concerns and is an information resource for community and educational leaders.

...improving your practice...

NYSOA offers a great variety of direct services, including practice management seminars and continuing education courses which can enhance a member's professionalism and practice.

Publications covering topics and issues important to the practitioner are available. Prospectus, the journal of the New York State Optometric Association, is published quarterly and serves as a robust forum for the exchange of ideas and keeping members informed of developments in the profession as well as major activities.

...giving you a voice in state and national associations close to home...

Located throughout New York State, the NYSOA's affiliated local optometric societies are a crucial element in the success of the NYSOA and AOA.

Local societies offer opportunities for practitioners to gather and share information, discuss relevant concerns, and pursue common interests. Monthly meetings and special seminars provide for professional exchanges on local, state and national policy issues.

In their respective communities, local societies conduct a variety of activities including public relations projects and community screening programs at health fairs, senior citizen centers and schools.

It is through the local societies that individuals can build a strong, effective NYSOA and ensure a bright future for optometry in New York State.