Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

The NYSOA is committed to being a resource for members and patients of the optometric community during this difficult time. We are gathering news, information and resources and will be updating this page regularly as we receive additional updates. Please check back frequently and feel free to contact us with questions.

Mask Guidance (as of 9/22/2022)

  1. The CDC guidance ( has remained the same since February, and the DOH licensed/regulated facility mandate (not covering private offices) is still in place. 

    CDC Infection Control Guidance 

    Covers “healthcare settings” - “Healthcare settings refers to places where healthcare is delivered and includes, but is not limited to, acute care facilities, long-term acute-care facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, home healthcare, vehicles where healthcare is delivered (e.g., mobile clinics), and outpatient facilities, such as dialysis centers, physician offices, dental offices, and others.”

    The CDC’s standing recommendations regarding the use of masks in health care settings suggest that everyone in the health care setting wear a mask. However, CDC has also outlined allowances to consider when developing safety plans and operation plans for health care facilities. CDC indicates that whether an individual is vaccinated or if the health care facility is located in a county with low to moderate community transmission should be factors to consider in developing masking requirements. As this guidance from CDC is not state or federal law, doctors of optometry should consider these recommendations as well any state level requirements or mandates when developing masking policies. 

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