Optometry Advocacy Day

2019 Advocacy Day Participants

Each year, typically on a Tuesday in late April or early May, the NYSOA hosts Optometry Advocacy Day in Albany. This event brings together optometrists and students from around the state to meet with lawmakers and educate them on the most important issues for our profession.

The NYSOA's 2019 Advocacy Day was held on April 30th. Our goal for the day was twofold:

  1. Enhance the reputation of the optometric profession by building relationships with legislators and underscoring the importance of optometry as the primary eye care profession, and
  2. Build broad support for passage of the Orals Bill.

Throughout the day groups met with forty different legislators and their staff, covering every region of New York State. These volunteers did an excellent job of representing the profession and leaving a lasting impression by sharing personal insights and experiences.

Please stay tuned and monitor your inbox for legislative action alerts in the days and weeks to come. As we approach the end of the current legislative session in June, we will once again be asking NYSOA members to continue supporting our advocacy efforts by contacting your representatives and urging them to vote "yes" on the orals bill.

THANK YOU to all of the dedicated optometrists and students who made the trek to Albany this year!